An organization is the valid, sustainable arrangement of goal-oriented, sociotechnical systems.

Institutional concept: The company is an organization
Instrumental concept: The company has an organization
Functional concept: The company is organized

Enough theory!

What we are able to do and achieve
Every organization and every sole proprietorship has a very specific dynamic. This can even be called true evolution. Every "evolutional phase" has led the way for resulting phases and causes the next evolutional step to happen. Between every developmental step of your company, a crisis phases originates that demands changes. However, your company does not have 25,000 years´ time for salient evolutionary steps as mankind has had, rather this must be initiated professionally and efficiently within a short period of time.

With our long-standing experience project experience in the following areas, we can support, plan, organize and implement for you:


   Formations of a company and company conversions
   Reorganizations and restructurings
   Support with MBO, MBI, IBO, LBO and IPO (Initial Public Offering)
   Reorganizations (portfolio, organizational, financial and behavioral)
   Succession planning
   Resettlements and settlements
   Analysis and optimization of company organizational structures and workflow   organization
   Efficiency analyses
   Out-sourcing and in-sourcing projects
   Other organizational projects

Every company should reflect on its core competences. The legal, tax and operational segments of change in the company body are enormously resource-intensive. A company should not invest their "production capacity" in situations in which trendsetting, specialized areas new to the industry could even partially affect the setting of a course that is essential to their survival.

Your profit
We can introduce our long-standing experience into your company, thereby you receive a benchmark. You can then further concentrate primarily on your daily business - we work in the background and prepare these landmarks in advance:


Increased efficiency of organizations through improved adaptability and an improved problem solving behavior that can be adapted to the market circumstances and environmental circumstances.


The fact that the employee is incorporated into the organizational policy-making process and they may "co-decide" on the changes concerning them creates the conditions for self-development. Consequently, the work can become "humanized" in crisis situations. No unnecessary human resources are wasted.


We tune your individual goals with the organization´s goals so that the project can be pursued together with the stakeholders and shareholders, and the goals can be mutually accepted. Only in this manner can a successful evolutional step be reached.