In order to set standards and promote networking, MAF Zurich Consulting Group is a member of the following associations / organizations:


Swiss Fiduciary Association
The STV|USF is the most important organization for companies that primarily function in the consultation and support of Swiss companies in the areas of trusts and taxes. For affiliated companies, membership in STV|USF is evidence of quality.


International Fiscal Association
The International Fiscal Association (IFA) is a worldwide leading non-governmental organization that primarily deals with matters pertaining to international fiscal law. It has national groups in more than 90 countries and has a combined total of more than 10,000 members.


Association of Swiss Business Centers
Wirtschafts- und Berufsvereinigung der "Office and Business Centers". Durch hohe Qualitätsnormen werden einheitliche Standards gesetzt. Durch die Flexibilität des Business Centers wird  in- und ausländischen Firmen die Möglichkeit geboten, ohne grossen Zeitverlust von heute auf morgen im Zielmarkt aktiv werden.


Swiss Cadre Organization
The Swiss Cadre Organization, SCO, has represented the economic, political and social interests of the cadres in Switzerland since 1893. Additionally, the organization disposes of a dense network of contacts and business relationships at a regional and national level. The SCO, with over 11,000 members today, is the largest union of its kind in Switzerland.


Interest Group for Business Basic Education, Schwyz
Igkg, Schwyz promotes and coordinates the practically oriented education of future business people. For this purpose, it takes over the sponsorship of the organization and realization of inter-company courses at the branch in the canton of Schwyz.