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Human Resources and HR management are catchwords which have only become really popular in recent years. The “employee” was often only seen as a troublesome individual who had to be supported. Now, one has figured out that it is the employee who keeps the company alive.

To do justice to every single employee and still not lose sight of the goals for the whole company, ever more complicated structures became necessary, and have to be continually improved. Today, employees should be understood as equal partners and co-entrepreneurs. The individual comes first.

This “care“ for your employees is very time-consuming. We offer complete assistance backed by lots of experience

►   High quality processing, minimal error rate
►   Slender cost structure, highest efficiency
►   Confidentiality within the company
►   Timely and impeccable declarations toward authorities
►   Efficient and client-oriented processing of sick days, accident leave and days off
►   No risks: procedures, rules and regulations always up-to-date
►   Audit and ICS readiness
►   No expenses are incurred for HR staff, workplaces, hardware, software, training, etc.

We support dozens of companies with their human resource management in the following areas:


►   Payroll administration
►   Payroll accounting
►   Acquisition of work permits
►   Settlement of taxes deducted at source
►   Human resources administration
►   Human resources planning
►   Recruiting


►   Selection of personnel
►   Performance evaluation
►   Human resources development
►   Employee services
►   Human resources organization
►   Internal welfare
►   Staff reductions